I didn’t think it would hit this fast. Crude futures blew through $130 a barrel! The forecast supply reduction for July is going to take a massive financial toll on everyone operating a fossil fuel powered vehicle. I’d venture a guess that we are going to paying $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded by the beginning of July. I expect diesel to clear $4.50 a gallon.

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Opened up NYMEX this morning and once again nearly choked. Light sweet crude (this is the stuff that gets refined to make gasoline and diesel) topped near $129 a barrel!!! I’m no economist but in the next few weeks we are going to be feeling the cost in our wallets. And if most of you are like the rest of us, buying fuel for our vehicles is a large part of our budget. But if we are paying more and still getting the results from our fuel we are losing money from our purchase.

There are solutions. Greater refining capacity to meet supply demand (good luck there, the enviros have stopped that from happening for the last 15 years), try alternative fuels like Bio-diesel and ethanol (fry your injector pumps and actually will pollute more with acetaldehyde emissions), hybrids and full-electrics (pricey but effective, although the generation of electricity may be accomplished by using fossil fuels; where’s the trade off in that), modify your existing vehicle with pricey HAFC (hydrogen Assist Fuel Cells, doesn’t work on all vehicles).

Take your pick. Research and weigh the costs. There is a simple way to get more from every single fuel purchase you make. It requires no modification to your vehicle. There are no messy liquids to spill on your vehicles finish or yourself. It is the most cost effective per gallon solution today. I’ve been writing about it for the past several weeks now, Ferox Fuel Tabs . Ferox Fuel Tabs do work. They have been successfully used for the last 22 years without failing to deliver the desired results of more distance, more power and less pollution. All that for as little as $0.15 a gallon. Works in every internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel.

Go take a few minutes to read the previous posts and then head over to Top Fuel to learn more and pick up some Ferox Fuel Tabs.

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increase gas mileage in hybrids
Hybrids are great for getting more from your fuel purchases. The technology is a little pricey to get into but the cost savings are apparent after you start driving. There is one minor drawback to hybrids. They still rely on gasoline powered motors to spin the generator that provide the electricity to the batteries and traction drive motors.

The problems of incomplete combustion and fuel impurities still plague the generator drive motors. There are some that think because the final drive is electrical that they don’t need to be concerned about the overall efficiency of the gas powered components. They will still get carbon deposits in the engine. Increased carbon means an increase in friction and an effective reduction in efficiency. Reduction in electrical generation caused by friction in the gas powered engine will impact the mileage of hybrids. The harder the gas powered motor has to work (i.e. use more fuel) to overcome the friction caused by the carbon deposits the more fuel will be burned. You could feasibly have great initial mileage in your hybrid that will degrade over time due to carbon build-up in the engine (leads to insufficient battery charge).

Ferox Fuel Tabs can get your hybrid engines cleaned out! Get rid of efficiency robbing friction! Get your vehicle working at it’s best!

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Gasoline has hit $3.67 a gallon! Light Crude (mid-day price) on the NYMEX topped out at over $126 a barrel! These commodity prices are putting the squeeze on everyone. With the limited resources at our disposal we know that we need get more from our fuel.

This is all very timely too. Just four days ago I received an email from a friend regarding results from treating fuel (both gasoline and diesel)(see post dated 5-5-2008). They included information about three individuals who have been using Ferox. All have seen substantial increases in mileage. After thinking about it for about two seconds, I decided to run the calculations for how much money was being saved based on current fuel prices.
I used the same formula found here on Top Fuel’s website. I did some research to find out the fuel capacities of each vehicle cited in the email. The numbers are impressive.
First, the 96 Crown Vic, saw an increase of 10 miles per gallon. With gasoline (here in Tucson) at $3.44 a gallon the owner got an extra $45.87 worth of fuel from using Ferox Fuel Tabs. Second, the Lincoln, saw an increase of 8 miles per gallon. That is a $25.99 savings from using Ferox. Lastly, the Dodge Ram, he received an additional 6.5 miles per gallon of diesel. At $3.99 a gallon that equaled a savings of $41.26! To see the formula go to Top Fuel Performance.
Increase gas mileage calculations, ferox fuel tabs

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The Oil Companies have us convinced that Premium grade will make our motors run better and cleaner. There are minor performance improvements that occur when you use premium grade fuels. The paper that I mentioned in a previous post details the chemistry of combustion and the resulting carbon, sulfur and metallic deposits left over from the reaction.

Premium grade fuel burns fairly clean. With that we can still accept that it still leaves carbon deposits. The real question though, is it worth the additional expense of $0.20 – $0.30 a gallon? Could Ferox Fuel Tabs save you money by eliminating the need for premium fuel?

Since Ferox catalyzes the carbon deposits left from regular fuel, the answer is yes. A 15 gallon tank of premium fuel will cost approximately $57 (15 x $3.75). Now with regular and the cost of a Ferox Fuel Tabs, $52 for the fill-up ($15 x $3.45 + .85). Anyone who understands the value of money would be willing to save $5 at the pump. From reading previous posts you’ll know that given time the savings will increase due to the function of the product.

If you read the savings page and in the testimonials at Top Fuel Performance, you will see that performance results and savings are real.

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I just got this yesterday. Three customers on one email. I won’t quote. Here’s the image for your perusal.

New Testimonial

This is common for Ferox users. Every person had a similar result, a 10% or greater increase in fuel mileage. If we went did a little research on current fuel prices and vehicle fuel capacities we could extrapolate their savings. Maybe I’ll go after those numbers for tomorrows posting!

Look for this testimonial to posted on our main site.

Until Then!

I had an interesting discussion on Friday, May 2nd, with an individual regarding the effectiveness of Ferox Fuel Tabs in extending diesel. He had been talking to a friend that does rock mining (digs the rock out for ore extraction). The miner said that diesel burns clean so there is no need to remove carbon from the combustion chambers, injector nozzles, etc. If this were truly the case we wouldn’t have clouds of carbon particulate being pumped into the air by diesel motors.

While it has been tested that diesel does burn cleaner than gasoline, there is still residual carbon deposited due to impurities in the diesel (go look up the chemistry of combustion). And since no combustion reaction is ever perfect there will always be residual carbon and other elements and compounds released during the reaction. Where do they go? Some make it out the exhaust valve but some cool so rapidly due to their distance from the hot flame region that they don’t get expelled from the engine. These compounds are deposited on the surfaces of the combustion chamber, tops of the pistons, injector nozzles and valves. Here is what the insides of two diesel engines run for the same number of hours (13,788 hours).

Here’s the dirty one. The friction in this engine must have been very high, even after oil changes.Diesel Engine Internals 13,000 hours

Here’s the clean one.
Diesel Engine Internals 13,00 hours Treated Fuel
The engine that has no carbon deposits had the fuel run in it treated with Ferox Fuel Tabs. And if a picture doesn’t convince, this great paper by Dionne Hallett at Penn State conclusively demonstrates through the controlled experiment that diesel combustion does in fact deposit carbon. But keep in mind that it is still significantly less than gasoline combustion.

There is a very interesting dichotomy though. While diesel doesn’t produce much carbon it does generate sulfur oxides. Sulfur oxide is the compound that when emitted into the atmosphere helps contribute to the formation of acid rain, high levels cause harm to plants, animals and humans, and severely impacts people with respiratory and cardiovascular impairment. The environmental impacts are still high. Ferox Fuel Tabs catalytic reaction reduces sulfur oxide emissions 35 – 50%. There has been testing done to verify the claim. Ferox also effectively reduces the trace sulfur in diesel. That means that you can run the high sulfur fuel, treat it and save money while increasing your mileage. The cost of treatment will be more than covered in the realized savings.

We all know the overall diesel is a much more environmentally friendly fuel. Ferox Fuel Tabs help make it even better by catalyzing the harmful compounds into harmless constituents that will not hurt the environment.

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