Gasoline has hit $3.67 a gallon! Light Crude (mid-day price) on the NYMEX topped out at over $126 a barrel! These commodity prices are putting the squeeze on everyone. With the limited resources at our disposal we know that we need get more from our fuel.

This is all very timely too. Just four days ago I received an email from a friend regarding results from treating fuel (both gasoline and diesel)(see post dated 5-5-2008). They included information about three individuals who have been using Ferox. All have seen substantial increases in mileage. After thinking about it for about two seconds, I decided to run the calculations for how much money was being saved based on current fuel prices.
I used the same formula found here on Top Fuel’s website. I did some research to find out the fuel capacities of each vehicle cited in the email. The numbers are impressive.
First, the 96 Crown Vic, saw an increase of 10 miles per gallon. With gasoline (here in Tucson) at $3.44 a gallon the owner got an extra $45.87 worth of fuel from using Ferox Fuel Tabs. Second, the Lincoln, saw an increase of 8 miles per gallon. That is a $25.99 savings from using Ferox. Lastly, the Dodge Ram, he received an additional 6.5 miles per gallon of diesel. At $3.99 a gallon that equaled a savings of $41.26! To see the formula go to Top Fuel Performance.
Increase gas mileage calculations, ferox fuel tabs

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