Opened up NYMEX this morning and once again nearly choked. Light sweet crude (this is the stuff that gets refined to make gasoline and diesel) topped near $129 a barrel!!! I’m no economist but in the next few weeks we are going to be feeling the cost in our wallets. And if most of you are like the rest of us, buying fuel for our vehicles is a large part of our budget. But if we are paying more and still getting the results from our fuel we are losing money from our purchase.

There are solutions. Greater refining capacity to meet supply demand (good luck there, the enviros have stopped that from happening for the last 15 years), try alternative fuels like Bio-diesel and ethanol (fry your injector pumps and actually will pollute more with acetaldehyde emissions), hybrids and full-electrics (pricey but effective, although the generation of electricity may be accomplished by using fossil fuels; where’s the trade off in that), modify your existing vehicle with pricey HAFC (hydrogen Assist Fuel Cells, doesn’t work on all vehicles).

Take your pick. Research and weigh the costs. There is a simple way to get more from every single fuel purchase you make. It requires no modification to your vehicle. There are no messy liquids to spill on your vehicles finish or yourself. It is the most cost effective per gallon solution today. I’ve been writing about it for the past several weeks now, Ferox Fuel Tabs . Ferox Fuel Tabs do work. They have been successfully used for the last 22 years without failing to deliver the desired results of more distance, more power and less pollution. All that for as little as $0.15 a gallon. Works in every internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel.

Go take a few minutes to read the previous posts and then head over to Top Fuel to learn more and pick up some Ferox Fuel Tabs.

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