In an earlier entry I said that crude prices and fuel prices wouldn’t really start to hammer the average consumer until July. Average price (some highs are over $5.00) for a gallon of regular unleaded is at $4.06. Diesel is completely out of hand at nearly $5.00 a gallon. I’m not saying I was wrong but things moved faster than anticipated.

At the current rate of price increases for fuel, I honestly do not know how some people are going to deal with this economically. First, we are paying more for fuel to get to where we work. Second, food prices are increasing due to the cost of transporting goods to market, putting more strain on our wallets. Thirdly, the cost spike is hitting every sector of the economy that relies on transportation to distribute it’s goods.

We all know how to make our money stretch. But one of the hardest things to do is to get your fuel to last longer. The amount in our tank is finite. Once it is expended it’s gone.

There is a simple way to extend your fuel without making costly modifications or risk dumping liquids down the side of your vehicle. Ferox Fuel Tabs is the simplest, most cost effective solution out there today. This amazing product has a 22 year track record of delivering consistent results. It extends your fuel by helping it burn completely and by cleaning up the residual carbon in your engine. With better combustion and a cleaner engine your fuel lasts longer. That is where the savings are generated.

The hundreds of Top Fuel customers can’t be wrong. Find out today what Ferox Fuel tabs can do to increase gas mileage (in both gas and diesel engines), save money on fuel and help the environment.

More Miles. More Power. More Responsible.
Ferox Delivers.


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