Gasoline has hit $3.67 a gallon! Light Crude (mid-day price) on the NYMEX topped out at over $126 a barrel! These commodity prices are putting the squeeze on everyone. With the limited resources at our disposal we know that we need get more from our fuel.

This is all very timely too. Just four days ago I received an email from a friend regarding results from treating fuel (both gasoline and diesel)(see post dated 5-5-2008). They included information about three individuals who have been using Ferox. All have seen substantial increases in mileage. After thinking about it for about two seconds, I decided to run the calculations for how much money was being saved based on current fuel prices.
I used the same formula found here on Top Fuel’s website. I did some research to find out the fuel capacities of each vehicle cited in the email. The numbers are impressive.
First, the 96 Crown Vic, saw an increase of 10 miles per gallon. With gasoline (here in Tucson) at $3.44 a gallon the owner got an extra $45.87 worth of fuel from using Ferox Fuel Tabs. Second, the Lincoln, saw an increase of 8 miles per gallon. That is a $25.99 savings from using Ferox. Lastly, the Dodge Ram, he received an additional 6.5 miles per gallon of diesel. At $3.99 a gallon that equaled a savings of $41.26! To see the formula go to Top Fuel Performance.
Increase gas mileage calculations, ferox fuel tabs

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The Oil Companies have us convinced that Premium grade will make our motors run better and cleaner. There are minor performance improvements that occur when you use premium grade fuels. The paper that I mentioned in a previous post details the chemistry of combustion and the resulting carbon, sulfur and metallic deposits left over from the reaction.

Premium grade fuel burns fairly clean. With that we can still accept that it still leaves carbon deposits. The real question though, is it worth the additional expense of $0.20 – $0.30 a gallon? Could Ferox Fuel Tabs save you money by eliminating the need for premium fuel?

Since Ferox catalyzes the carbon deposits left from regular fuel, the answer is yes. A 15 gallon tank of premium fuel will cost approximately $57 (15 x $3.75). Now with regular and the cost of a Ferox Fuel Tabs, $52 for the fill-up ($15 x $3.45 + .85). Anyone who understands the value of money would be willing to save $5 at the pump. From reading previous posts you’ll know that given time the savings will increase due to the function of the product.

If you read the savings page and in the testimonials at Top Fuel Performance, you will see that performance results and savings are real.

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I just got this yesterday. Three customers on one email. I won’t quote. Here’s the image for your perusal.

New Testimonial

This is common for Ferox users. Every person had a similar result, a 10% or greater increase in fuel mileage. If we went did a little research on current fuel prices and vehicle fuel capacities we could extrapolate their savings. Maybe I’ll go after those numbers for tomorrows posting!

Look for this testimonial to posted on our main site.

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